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Africa News PortalAfrica News Portal is part of the Gateway Marketing Consultants media empire. Based in the iconic metropolis of Dubai, Gateway Marketing Consultants is renowned as  a global content provider, a specialist in African affairs and commenced its operations as a result of numerous strategic alliances with an international network of world-class press agencies. Since its creation in 1993, company has grown to become one of the most popular references on African affairs, an emerging alternative to major information sources, regularly consulted by leading international corporations and multi-national organisations.

Africa News Portal fills a major gap in African economic appraisals as it provides market intelligence about new and emerging African markets and focuses on understanding them from within as they play an increasingly important role in the ever-changing world of today. Little wonder then, the Africa News Portal has emerged as a leading contributor towards leading positive change about Africa and its future.

African markets are undergoing rapid economic change and are constantly revising their approach to the global economy, particularly as more and more African nations gain influence, integrate with international markets and invite foreigners to help build their economic infrastructure. It has therefore become of paramount importance to develop a better understanding the viewpoints of the “new world order leaders”. Being well informed about new and emerging markets across the world is key not only to being abreast with the times, but essential to doing business in a highly globalised world.

Africa News Portal monitors the current state of the African markets calling upon a well developed network of in-country experts, conducting an average of 1,500 one-on-one interviews annually with government officials, industry captains, economists and experts.

Africa News Portal aims to contribute towards developing a better understand of the changing dynamics of the African markets and assess the underlying opportunities that thus emerge.

Our market intelligence practice provides decision makers with a high-level analysis containing local insights, thus presenting a more “complete picture” by utilising multiple sources of information and primarily adopting a face-to-face “hands-on” approach.

In a multi-industry cross continental context, Africa News Portal provides high level data broken down by economic topics of interest such as; investment horizons, market attractiveness, risk exploration, sources of profit, mapping key political and business figures,  regulatory trends and success drivers. We even help identify business partners for our clients and subscribers through business match-making practices developed by our team of Afr0 experts over the course of the past 20 years of our existence.

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