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Demand for Auto Parts and Accessories in Africa to Reach US$15.3 billion by 2020

The opportunities and trends of East Africa’s automotive aftermarket is under the microscope, as more than 200 industry professionals attended

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The Battle For The African Skies

Emirates has frequent promotions where the airline offers its Ethiopian and Kenyan customers a free UAE visa when booking a ticket

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Africa: The Food Basket Of The World

Africa’s agriculture sector can emerge as the food provider to the world by implementing better policies… After years of neglect,

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Digging deep

Botswana’s mining of nickel and copper, led by companies such as BCL, forms a significant part of the country’s economy

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Port Sudan a centre of industry, logistics and export

Port Sudan – lying on the spectacular Red Sea coast – is a logistics hub that holds a visionary investment

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A plan to power the country

Following the Gulf funded extension of the Roseires Dam in 2013, Sudan is further looking to harness the country’s huge

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Queen Bee shows women the way in business

Having built a highly successful company in ‘Bee Group’, Widad Yakoub Ibrahim is one of Sudan’s most influential women, and

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Sudan makes remarkable progress in growth, stability and making business easier

Khartoum’s doors open for international investment amidst wealth of opportunities Safety and security may not be the first words that

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DHL Optimistic About Logistics Industry in Africa

In line with sub-Saharan Africa’s (SSA) projected economic growth of 4.9% this year, which is double the projection for advanced

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Acquiring Land in Africa

Many governments in Africa are offering excellent incentives and tax exemptions in an effort to attract foreign investors in the