Meeting the needs of the growing digital printing industry in Africa by providing digital printing machinery, equipment, media and accessories…

Since 1996, Magic Touch Advertising LLC has been a name to reckon in the field of digital printing technology by providing a comprehensive range of products and solutions in Heat Transfer Technology for those engaged in screen-printing, embroidery, uniforms, sports retail, fashion, studios, universities & schools, clubs, advertising agencies, digital printing – to name a few. Magic Touch Advertising LLC provides complete solutions for producing true to life image transfers using the latest state-of-the-art technologies.

Magic Touch Advertising LLC is one of the leading suppliers in Dubai of all kinds of machinery for printing logos, graphics, images on T-Shirts, caps, mugs and other promotional material. In addition to providing latest machinery for digital printing on various promotional items, Magic Touch Advertising is also one of the leading suppliers of media used in the digital printing process like heat transfer decal transfer paper, sublijet inks and other printing accessories and image transfer media used in the digital printing industry.

Magic Touch Advertising LLC is also the authorised distributor for Middle East and Africa region for many internationally-known brands like TheMagicTouch Transfer Papers (Germany); INSTA Heat Press Machine with life-time warranty (USA); POLI-TAPE Flex, Flock & printable flex & Flock (Germany) Adkins heat press (UK); Sawgrass Sublijet ink (UK); Graphtec cutting plotter (Japan); Unibind binders & folders (Belgium); OKI Laser printers (Thailand) and Atlantis Caps (Italy).

Africa is one of the leading markets for Magic Touch Advertising as demand for digital printing machinery and media has been rising in many African markets in recent years. As the authorised dealer for Africa, Magic Touch Advertising has been exporting digital printing machinery, media and accessories to many African countries like Kenya, Uganda Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Gabon, Burundi, Cameroon – to name a few.

“African buyers prefer to deal with us as we are the official distributors for Middle East and Africa region for many internationally-renowned brands,” says Shanika Vangunster, General Manager- Sales & Marketing of Magic Touch Advertising. “We offer quality products at the most competitive prices and our African customers feel confident when dealing with Authorised Agents as they are assured that they are getting high-quality original products from us,” she says.

Heat Transfer Media And Equipment

Laser Media Solutions
TheMagicTouch – transfer media OKI – white toner printer

Heat Transfer Printing Solutions
Insta Heat press machines / Adkins heat machines

Sublimation Solutions
Sawgrass- sublijet sublimation inks / Ricoh printers / Epson printers / Texprint papers

Textile Graphics Solution
Poli-tape textile media Reflectra media / Graphtec cutting plotter / Cameo Silhoutte plotter

Consultancy For The Printing Industry Business Setup

African entrepreneurs wanting to start a digital printing business can contact Magic Touch Advertising LLC and their friendly team will provide complete business setup guidance right from concept, design and layout suggestions, retail pricing guidelines, sourcing, ROI etc to help them succeed in the fast growing digital printing industry in Africa.

Service And Support For Business Development

Magic Touch Advertising LLC also extends outstanding service and support to all its customers and boasts of a highly qualified technical team that has over 16 years of experience in heat transfer printing arena and are capable of imparting product orientation and creative approach for the business development.

Extensive Training Program

For African buyers, Magic Touch Advertising has a dedicated training program designed and structured for wide spectrum of business entities ranging from screen printers, sports retailers, embroiders, studios etc, to name a few. The program includes, in-house training, orientation, on-the-job training, R&D, product samples & demonstrations.

Brands Available

Some of the brands promoted by Magic Touch Advertising LLC are:

  • TheMagicTouch Transfer Papers of Germany
  • INSTA Heat press machine with life time warranty USA
  • POLI-TAPE Flex, Flock & printable flex & Flock Germany
  • Adkins heat press UK
  • Sawgrass Sublijet ink UK
  • Graphtec cutting plotter Japan
  • Unibind binders & folders Belgium
  • OKI Laser printers Thailand
  • Atlantis Caps Italy
  • Reflectra transfer vinyl Germany
  • Uzle Doming Latvia
  • Sefa clam Ball Heat Press France
  • ChromaLux and Unisub from Belgium

Buyers from Africa can further benefit from periodical promotions and discounts offered by Magic Touch Advertising LLC on many of its products as well as free training and demonstrations that will help them test the quality and efficiency of the products they intend to purchase.

For further information contact

Magic Touch Advertising L.L.C
P.O. Box 123248, Dubai
United Arab Emirates





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